At Vinyl Fire we try to keep design costs and setup fees to a minimum. Our passion, after all, is printing! However, should you need design work or should you need your existing artwork setup for printing, we have people on staff that can help!

In order to keep skilled people on staff that can make your graphics look fantastic, we do have to charge for some kinds of design work. Here is what we do and don’t charge for:

We do NOT charge for:

  • Simple setup for production: If you have high resolution or vector (preferred) provided, and all we need to do is re-size and place a cut line around them. Or maybe change the colors in the file, there are no charges for this.

We DO charge for:

  • Logo Design: $75/hr, logos at Vinyl Fire generally run $250-$750. Remember that a logo is something that you want some thought put into. It is something that will be representing you and your company for a long time.
  • Sign Design: $75/hr, sign and sticker designs usually cost about $50-$75
  • Logo or Artwork cleanup or vectorizing: $75/hr, usually costs about $50
  • Business card layout: $75/hr, usually costs about $50
  • Vehicle Graphics Design: $75/hr, usually costs about $75-$150 for simple vehicle graphics layout. Can cost around $600 for a more detailed vehicle wrap design.

At Vinyl Fire, if we charge you for artwork, that artwork is yours. Simply ask us and we’ll provide you files for future use in other applications.

Why do you charge for design?!
We charge for design because it costs something. The alternative to not charging for design work would be: 1. Going bankrupt trying to keep designers on payroll. 2. Increasing our sign and printing prices dramatically to soak up the cost of having designers on payroll. Remember, design is a skilled trade and quality design will make your company look good.

Why do you tend to charge hourly for logo design?
We try to get a good feel for what our customers want at our first meeting. However, sometimes getting people’s ideas to become a reality can take a lot of time, effort and patience. Us charging hourly for design is advantageous to the customer for multiple reasons:

  1. By charging hourly, the customer often gets to take advantage of our speed.
  2. It encourages the customer to provide good feedback and make good decisions.