Printed Magnets

Our technology allows us to print directly to magnet material and cut out any design or shape. At Vinyl Fire, you are not limited to simply circles and squares.

Magnet Features:

Great for Vehicles and Filing cabinets

Unlike business cards that get thrown in the trash, magnets, big or small get put somewhere that will remind people of your business over and over again.

They look amazing

Because we can cut these magnets to any shape, they have the potential to really get people’s attention.

Magnets Cut and Installed

Ready to get started?


Our custom cut, high speed magnets are like business cards that people won’t ever throw away. You give someone a business card, it will likely end up in the trash. You give someone one of our brilliant matte, precision magnets, it will end up on a filing cabinet, or a fridge, or a wall, constantly reminding your clients where to go when they need your services.