The Best Stickers You've Probably Ever Seen

To Vinyl Fire, stickers are the life blood, the bread and butter of the company. It’s what we are passionate about. What we do the very best. Vinyl Fire has spent years putting together the very best combination of printers, vinyl, laminate and cutting systems to bring you the best digitally printed sticker on the market.

Pick your finish: available in matte or glossy.

Our 2 common options for stickers at Vinyl Fire is our matte and glossy stickers. Probably 75% of our customers order our matte laminated stickers. Our matte stickers are super smooth. Buttery smooth. And they have very little glare. Once people see our matte stickers, they fall in love with them. We spent years trying to find the perfect combination of materials to make our matte stickers.

Our glossy stickers are also impressive. Nothing makes the color black “pop” like our vibrant glossy laminated stickers.

All of our stickers are cut to your desired shape. This means that we can give your stickers a “die-cut” finish to the shape of your design without any extra fees.

Now available - sample packs! If you really need to see and handle our stickers, we'll mail a sample pack of stickers that we've done for previous customers for just $5. available now

Now offering metallic silver stickers.

One of our latest improvements at Vinyl Fire is the ability to print Metallic Silver. If you want your stickers to really pop, ask us about adding a Metallic Silver accent to your design. You’ll love the way it looks! Metallic Silver looks great with either of our laminates, but we think it looks slightly better and is more noticeable with our glossy laminate.

Because Metallic Silver ink is expensive, minimum orders of these stickers are higher. The impression you will give your customers is worth it though!

Will it stick? We offer High Tack Stickers.

If you have a surface that requires an extra strong adhesive, our high tack sticker material is great. Examples of this would be ATV plastic, which is considered a low-energy surface. You would also want to use high tack stickers for powder coated metal and other surfaces with texture on them. Some of our customers use high tack vinyl on composite honeycomb material that normal stickers may not stick the best to.

In the picture below, Soldier City CrossFit used our high tack stickers for their wall ball targets since they were being mounted to powder coated metal.

If you question whether or not your stickers will stick to your surface, make sure to ask one of our sales rep first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our stickers are made from vinyl, not paper, so our base material is excellent for outdoor applications. Our inks are also designed for outdoor applications and will last several years non-laminated. However, most of our products are laminated. Laminate also adds extra life to our stickers.

You bet. If you do not need the extra “pop” that our laminate offers, or if you don’t need the extra outdoor life that laminate can give you, then non-laminated stickers can be great. We have several customers that purchase bulk non-laminated stickers to give away at trade shows because they are so inexpensive.

There are a couple differences between screen printed stickers and digitally printed stickers.

  1. Color Limitations – With screen printed stickers, you are limited by color. Each color in screen printing requires it’s own screen, it’s own ink and it’s own setup. With digital printing, there is NO setup when it comes to colors printed. Much like your desktop printer at home, our printers print whatever is on the screen. No limitations on color. We can print complicated gradients and pretty much any color with no setup and no additional costs.
  2. Look / Finish – Most screen printed stickers have the look of glossy ink on vinyl. With digital printing, we have a little more control over the finish of our product with our laminate. We have sourced very vibrant glossy laminates and matte laminates to give our stickers the end result that our customers are looking for. We think that digital printed stickers are a better looking product.

There are other technical differences, but those are the differences that our customers would notice.