Signs for Every Time and Every Place

There is nothing quite like walking through the front door of a business, to be greeted with a friendly smile and a beautiful sign behind the counter. We can’t exactly help you with friendly smiles, but we can help you with beautiful signage. However, studies have shown that beautiful signage can lead to friendly smiles. At Vinyl Fire we are able to construct a wide variety of signage from a wide variety of materials including PVC, Aluminum Composite, Foam Board and Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast).

Corrugated plastic and foam board panels (left)
3mm PVC and 3mm aluminum composite (right)

Rigid exterior signage that holds up in any weather.

We offer a range of products for exterior signage. Aluminum composite signs such as DiBond and ePanel can be easily screwed in to any sturdy surface such as exterior walls or signposts. Polycarbonate signs using Lexan are perfect for backlit sign applications. All of our exterior signs are digitally printed and laminated with our high-quality UV laminate to ensure they last you for years to come.

All types of interior signage for branding and event advertising.

Whether you're looking for different options for wall vinyl, dimensional signage or temporary signage for an event we've got you covered.

Freestanding signage solutions for every situation.

In addition to our other product offerings, we also have options for free-standing signs such as A-frames and yard stakes for Coroplast signs and retractable pop-up banners that collapse for easy transportation and compact storage.