Decals and Transfer Stickers for that Classic Look

The most classic sticker there is, made from a single color of high quality vinyl, intricately cut out to your design and then overlaid with transfer tape for easy installation.

Cut vinyl decals with transfer tape are a great option for anyone that’s looking for a very classic look. Transfer decals look great on tinted windows, laptops, and many other applications. They are generally done in single color, like white or black. However, we can get you other colors upon request.

Precision Cutting, Incredible Finished Product.

Our cut vinyl decals are cut out on the best cutters in the industry. And as you can see in our video, we finish off our cut vinyl decals with a beautiful “die cut” finish around the decal itself. The result is a beautiful product to hand out to your customers.

Easy Installation.

Cut vinyl decals offer easy installation. All of them come with transfer tape, which is why they are often called “transfer decals” or “transfer stickers”. You simply clean the surface you are going to apply to. Apply the decal, using an application squeegee or something rigid like a credit card to press it onto the surface, until you've pushed all of the air bubbles out. Once applied, remove the transfer tape!

Goes by many different names.

Cut vinyl decals go by many different names depending on where you get them. These names include: Cut Vinyls, Decals, Transfer Stickers, Transfer Decals, Cut Vinyl Decals, etc… Some people even call them die-cut stickers or decals. But that is the most untrue name of them all since die cut stickers imply that they are cut all the way through with a die. It would be more accurate to call our regular printed stickers “die cut”. Cut vinyl decals like these are actually “kiss cut” since the cut does not actually go all the way through the backing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cut vinyl decals are a much more labor intensive product than our standard stickers. First, the customer specifies what color of decal they want. Cut vinyl decals are generally a single color product. Then we cut out the design on one of our high performance vinyl cutters. After the decals are done being cut out through the cutter, we go through a process called “weeding”. Weeding is where we use little precision knives to remove all of the excess vinyl in and around the decal designs. After the sheet of decals is weeded, we carefully drape a big stretch of transfer tape over the sheet of cut vinyl decals and carefully press the transfer tape to the sheet of decals with a special squeegee tool. From there, we cut out all of the individual decals. Occasionally, we do this last part by hand, but in most cases we cut out the individual decals with our flatbed cutting machine for a really clean, crisp and uniform finish.

We stock black cut vinyl and white cut vinyl. We generally recommend one of these two colors. However, if you must have a more specific color, we can special order many colors to help you with just about any need:


If our standard colors still don't meet your specific needs, we are able to print almost any color!

Cut vinyl decals are classic. They are low profile and white cut vinyl really looks good on car windows. In some applications cut vinyl can look more complimentary to a vehicle than a printed sticker can.

The disadvantages are that cut vinyl decals are more expensive because of the labor and the several step process. Stickers are generally a little less expensive since the process is more automated. The other disadvantages are the limitations in colors. With a printed sticker, you can have as many colors and complicated gradients as you’d like. With cut vinyl, you are generally limited to a single color design.

When you order from Vinyl Fire, you get quick, personalized service. We will work with you to ensure your design will look good as a cut vinyl decal. We use high quality, low profile vinyl so that you are getting the best product in the industry.