Custom vinyl graphics on a welding helmet

Today’s job was a little out of the ordinary. It was like a partial vehicle wrap… but for a welding helmet. We had a request to print a specific Black Mamba snake decal for the top of a welding helmet, and to come up with something special for the rest. Using our specialty software, we vectorized the customers image and printed it using our Gerber Edge 2 thermal printer. We then coated the printed decal with UV/Abrasion protection. As we may have mentioned in the past, thermal printing is already the best type of printing for outdoor and heavy duty applications.

After studying the scales on a Black Mamba snake, we were able to make our own snake scale template. Then, we cut the scales on a 46″ wide, but 3″ tall strip of high performance vinyl, using our Summa 54″ Cutter. After we weeded the cut, we overlaid it with masking for an easy installation. Then, using a pen and a razor knife, we laid out the scales where we wanted them on the helmet.

This was a very fun project. It’s nice doing something a little out of the ordinary every now and then. Thanks Don for this project.

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